Friday, December 17, 2010


It was a cold winter evening and cool breeze was floating around as we walked out of the cafe. We were chattering away, and no part of our conversation made sense. The aimless conversation went on for what it felt like forever, none of us knew what we were talking about.

After a few hours, she interrupted me from my ramble, walked ahead, stood in front of me, and said, "Do you think you can do it?"

Her large, broad puppy-like eyes were sparkling with curiosity and she had an insolent grin on her face. Her excited face made her look even more cherubic. She was wearing a green sweater was bringing out her fair skin, and all I could think of was how good would she look if she let her hair loose.

I had to bring my thoughts in order, to answer the question she had put in.

"Yes," I said.
Honestly, I was unsure. But I said it, because her excited face was wonderful to watch.

I had to distract myself from her once again, looked around at the lonely street where we stood and asked,"Do you want me to do it here?" Fortunately the road was not crowded.

With a gentle smile she nodded.

I did not think after that, looking into her eyes, I held her hand and pulled her towards me and lifted her. She was in my
arms. Her head was leaning on my right shoulder and I was looking into her eyes again. This time, they were closer to mine.

I kept walking. After a while, I started panting.

The road was not crowded but there were some people around, and were staring at us.

And suddenly, I stopped feeling the chill of the cool breeze.

She was still smilimg when I released her after sometime.

"Oh gosh…you did it," she murmured.
I was still staring at her. Her smile was still intact on her pursed lips and she was looking even more beautiful. I do not when but before I knew it, I pulled her towards me and hugged her. The moment was incredible. Suddenly, life felt
different when she was in my arms.

We continued walking thereafter.
That was the day when I did what my instinct told me. All those thoughts were genuine, they were unprocessed, they were my first thoughts and were my heart's instructions.
I call them pure thoughts. They feel wonderful.
Every season has it's identity, we need to amalgamate. There is beauty in every moment.

But there will be those rare wonderful moments that you share with that special someone. They don't come all the time. We should not let them go.


mugdha deshmukh said...

how romantic. just curious ths story is a fiction or reality? :)

Archika said...

i liked the way you have described the whole scene...i could actually visualize it!

I think you should write more often.